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The walkway in the English park of Peterhof. 2017

Painting. Acrylic on canvas panel, 41x51cm, 16x20"

Peterhof as the summer residence of Russian emperors and empresses, was initially designed and  planned for a summer rest and relax so it has plenty of parks.

The English park, which is the biggest of them, was and still remains one of my favorite places in Peterhof. There are few tourists on its roads and paths. Local residents go here for picnics, for a walk. In the summer people are swimming in the English pond, during the winter many people enjoy skiing.

I used to walk in this park with my parents and grandmother when I was a kid, I rode a bicycle when I was at school and later walked with my own children. The park connects the areas of New Peterhof and Old Peterhof.

For a long time the pond was unsuitable for swimming, but now it is maintained in a better condition, and the park itself is more ennobled and improved. In the center of the park there are ruins of the English Palace, destroyed in 1942 which was built in 1781-1794, it was one of the first creations of the great architect  Giacomo Quarenghi in St. Petersburg.

On this painting there is the early summer. Love is still in the air. Everything is fresh and newly grown. Well, November is a right time to think about the summer. Even in Puerto de la Cruz...

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