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London Big Ben from the Parliament Square Garden. 2018

Painting. Acrylic on linen board, 61 X 50,8 cm (24 x 20 inch)

The city is attractive in its damp beauty. The symbol of the city is proudly reflecting in the puddles. I liked this point of view when I captured it couple of years ago and all this time I wanted to paint it. Finally I did it.

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More info about this picture and its story

The idea of this painting was inside of me for several months. I was waiting for the inspiration. When it finally came to me, I asked my family to wait and pretend that I'm not here.

To warm up myself, I created the new working place. My several tries to purchase the new easel and ship it to the island were ineffective. Every time online shops were scared and returned money... Here on island they offer only simple tripods, which give no flexibility. Finally, I went to Leroy Merlin and it gave me some stuff, so after spending about 100 euros and one hour, I got something working. It can change the angle of the working position and the height of the canvas. It is stable and I like it.

Regarding the painting, I made some other drawing first on this canvas, but then I worked on it too long, coming through the stop moment and painted it over. My son was fast enough to make a photo of this picture before it gone... This is one more argument towards digital art, where you can redo everything or cancel changes which you don't like. So maybe I'll try it soon.

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